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Eligibility - Athletics

General Information:

It is the intention of McSwain School to provide opportunities for students to participate in physical activities that compliment the academic instructional program.  Competitive team sports are provided for boys and girls in the area of soccer, volleyball (girls only), basketball, softball (girls only), baseball (boys only), and track. McSwain competitive team sports are limited to grades 6-8 with the exception of track teams.



Academic eligibility is based on the most recent report card (for Fall we go to the previous year) or progress report.   A minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 is required and no grades of “F” are allowed.  A student is ineligible to play as soon as a progress report shows they are below a 2.0 G.P.A. or have an “F” in any subject.  Athletes who become ineligible will be placed on a weekly progress report for the rest of the season.  If an ineligible athlete remains ineligible on two weekly progress reports, they will be dropped from the team. Ineligible students are not allowed to travel to away games.


Either the coach or an administrator may declare a student ineligible for a season or period of time due to behavior.  Students must be in attendance for at least half of a school day in order to participate in contests, tournaments, and school activities.  Students whose practice does not begin by 3:00 must go home after school and return at their practice time.  Due to lack of supervision, students will not be allowed to wait after school for their practice to begin.


Students must be in attendance for at least ½ of the school day to attend games.